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Maybe your dog is not a puppy anymore. But in your eyes, he/she will be a puppy forever!

Am I right?

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About Puppy Land

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Services & Fees

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           Puppy Training Puppy Care Puppy Clinic Puppy Walking
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Fees & Options
  • obedience training : $1000 for 10 sessions
  • outdoor reactive training : $1000 for 8 sessions
  • private training : $180 per session
  • day care : $15 per hour
  • vacation care : $80 per day
  • in house sitting : $25 per hour
By Appointment
  1. pick up: free
  2. walk: $20 per hour (max 3 dogs)
  3. shower:$15 each time
  4. send home: free

Our Clients


Adress: 800 Joy Street, Vancouver, BC V5X 4V6

Tel: 604-295-6666

Email: info@puppyland.com

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