Why Marketing?

Digital Marketing

The power of digital marketing is what fascinated me and made me change my career from a foreign language teacher to a marketer. If I could create positive influence, I want my influence to go beyond classrooms.

Influence is not what I am pursuing, the good cause behind it is what matters. From helping small business build a brand in the digital world, to raising awareness on social issues, I believe my online marketing skills will enable me to make meaningful impact

Social Media & Branding | Tritour East Asia

Platforms used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress 
Skills demonstrated: strategy planning, tactical execution, community management, writing 
Roles: project manager, social media coordinator, content creater

Infographic | Airbnb in Metro Vancouver

Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Google Sheet
Skills demonstrated: research, data visualization, graphic design
Roles: graphic designer, data analyst

Copywriting | English & Chinese

Platforms used: Newspaper, Website, WeChat
Skills demonstrated: English and Chinese writing skills, writing in various styles
Roles: writer